Covid-19 & the back to work journey, an untrodden path!

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The economy is preparing to navigate the rather stormy waves in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and what now lies ahead is a huge period of readjustment for employers and employees as they begin to embark on the safe return to work journey. The path ahead is confusing, unpredictable and unknown and employers and business heads have a legal obligation to protect their workforce and create an environment that not only limits the risk of infection transfer but one that is positive and motivational, fostering an engaging culture.

Employee Wellbeing is the key to success
It is safe to say that businesses who invest in the safety and wellbeing of their employees short-term, will benefit from a happy, motivated and healthy work force which should in turn deliver future success and seek to provide stability.

So where do you start?
How do you know which measures to put in place? What should an overall safety solution look like? Unfortunately, nothing is Covid-proof, so it’s about tailoring a solution suitable for the requirements of each individual business, taking into consideration those employees who have been shielding or are at high risk.

Designing Your Safety Solution?
The Government recommend creating a Risk Register which should be shared with all employees as well as posted on the company website. The best solution is of course elimination. Where this is not always possible, minimisation is the next step ensuring sanitisation and social distancing measures are implemented and adhered to.

Click for the Government Guidance…

Protection against infection
At d/vide our mission is simple, to help you create a safe space. Our products can be ‘off the shelf’ but we pride ourselves on a tailor-made approach supplying bespoke solutions unique to your business.

Our screens are designed to provide short-term longevity – a quality product which lasts.

At d/vide we can help you comply with government guidance and achieve 4 of the 5 steps to creating a safe work space.

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

Poster to display in your workplace to show you have followed the guidance:

get in touch discuss our back to work safety solutions.

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