The d/vide Protective Screens

Single Desk
Double Desk
Triple Desk
Side Screen Extension

Images are indicative only. The modular system can be adapted to accommodate bench desking or desking in excess of three.

Protective Screens

Our protective screens are manufactured in the UK. The perspex enables users to maintain an open plan office environment and a visual connection with their colleagues whilst creating increased protection from infection transfer.

Workstation Screen:

Our workstation screens comprise a rear panel and two side panels which join using an interlocking mechanism made from perspex. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! These are specifically designed to be free standing and sit alongside any existing office furniture already in place with provision made for cable management. This means there is no need to dismantle desking or change your existing set up enabling an immediate installation with minimal disruption. These can also be modular, providing a solution for individual and bench desking.

Sneeze Screen:

Our Sneeze Screens are ideal for reception spaces, payment areas, and general protection barrier. They are free standing along with standard letterbox cut out to allow for item exchanges, similar to the workstation screens they interlock using perspex feet that to ensure stability.

Pricing & Sizing:

For various sizes of our stock items, please refer to our pricing & installation page. Bespoke sizes are available upon request.

Starter Screen
Extension Screen
Bespoke Protective Screens

At d/vide our mission is simple, to help you create a safe space. Our products can be ‘off the shelf’ but we are aware that every work space is different. Some elements of the office environment such as meeting rooms, break-out areas and corridors will require bespoke products such as extension and free standing sneeze screens. This service allows for a pre-commissioned visual of the protective screen sat in the space it is destined for. Taking the opportunity to review design and dimension ensures effective and efficient utilisation of the screen and gives peace of mind that a safe environment is created. It also demonstrates a commitment to health and wellbeing and provides added security that your business is one that has taken a considered approach to working safely with Covid.

Take advantage of the bespoke solutions we offer at d/vide and choose a safety solution that works for you, your employees, and your business. Our current lead times, dependant on volume and complexity are 7-10 working days for manufacture and installation.