Infection Protection Screens installed at Hyundai Southampton

This Covid-19 Safety Solution uses our newly designed “u-screen” to ensure social distancing whilst maintaining a visual connection between colleagues.

Not only did we design and install the screens, we also supported the Officer Refurbishmen with Bluewood Office Interiors.

The Office fitout project expanded the space by combining two offices. The end result was a complete covid-safe office solution ready for the Team who are excited to be moving in at Ocean Village, Southampton.

Click for the Government Guidance for Offices and Contact Centres…

Protection against infection

At d/vide our mission is simple, to help you create a safe space. Our products can be ‘off the shelf’ but we pride ourselves on a tailor-made approach supplying bespoke solutions unique to your business.

Our screens are designed to provide short-term longevity – a quality product which lasts.

We can help you comply with government guidance and achieve 4 of the 5 steps to creating a safe work space.

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

get in touch discuss our back to work safety solutions.
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