It’s all about Infection Protection

Right now, every business, regardless of size and industry, is focusing on how and if they return to work.

The world has just about come to terms with the fact that life as we knew it will not be the same post Covid-19 and society and the economy is now trying to find its feet and a new kind of normal.

Some industries, such as entertainment and catering will need to find a way to open their doors safely and bring their employees back to work. Other businesses who have found they can operate just as well with a WFH and rotational approach may not even return to office space.

So, for those who are preparing a Covid safe environment, serious consideration will need to be given to the overall safety solution in order to safeguard employees, clients, and customers.

How d/vide can help you. We specialise in the design and manufacture of protective screening and over the past few months have worked with clients across multiple industries. Each has had a different requirement, meaning that much of the design work has become bespoke with a tailored solution individual to each business. We also provide an ‘off the shelf’ solution for those consumers who know exactly what they want.

Our geography. As a business based in the South Coast we have limited our reach to this area, expanding as far as the M3 & M4 corridors as well as parts of London. Why? So we can focus our efforts on local businesses who urgently need a quick solution designed and delivered by a local specialist. Concentrating our reach on a smaller geographical spread allows us to focus our expertise on delivering the most suitable, most effective and most economical solution with competitive delivery and installation charges.

Case Study. Our latest, largest and probably most complex project was for Qioptiq Technologies, a global photonic solutions company. We designed, built and installed a complete safety screen solution for their office in Hamble. The overall solution included our starter screen package with side screen extensions. In addition, we have produced bespoke screens to provide infection protection for employees walking as they move around the office space, ensuring there is adequate protection every step of the way. This is a perfect example of how both solutions can be implemented either individually or in partnership to provide a complete one-stop shop safety solution.

Get in touch today. Take advantage of the bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ products we offer at d/vide and choose a safety solution that works for you, your employees and your business. Our current lead times, dependant on volume and complexity are 5-7 working days.

Click for the Government Guidance for Offices and Contact Centres…

Protection against infection

At d/vide our mission is simple, to help you create a safe space. Our products can be ‘off the shelf’ but we pride ourselves on a tailor-made approach supplying bespoke solutions unique to your business.

Our screens are designed to provide short-term longevity – a quality product which lasts.

We can help you comply with government guidance and achieve 4 of the 5 steps to creating a safe work space.

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

get in touch discuss our back to work safety solutions.
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